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Hi there! My name is Jessica and I think Pies Are Awesome. You might know me best as "ThePieous" on Instagram and other social channels. I make Pie Art for a living, and love experimenting, discovering, and sharing those discoveries with all of you! But to pay the bills I do a lot of work for corporate clients. While I love my clients and am grateful for the opportunities they afford, those projects do cut into the time I have to experiment with some of my "weirder" pie art ideas and create non-commercial experiments - sometimes those experiments blow up in my face (sometimes literally) but sometimes they lead to super cool new breakthroughs in the world of Pie Art! I would love to be able to justify spending more time on non-commercial experiments and posts just for you guys... and with your support here I can! Your monthly donation helps me be more choosy about the jobs I take on, and gives me the freedom to spend lots more time learning and engaging with the community.

To me, Pie Art isn’t a “new fad” - it’s the uncovering of a lost art form, a way of expressing our love of food and pop culture, a way of discovering new cultures, new flavours, new techniques, of stretching ourselves creatively and intellectually, a new way of providing special dessert treats for the health-conscious, a way of meeting new weird and wonderful people, a way of bonding with the next generation and passing on our love of baking, and most of all a new way of having fun! I hope you'll join me on this wacky journey of fun, discovery and friendship...

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Thanks for your time and support and Happy Pie-oneering!

Jessica (aka ThePieous)







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