Pie-Modding: How to "Epic-Up" Store Bought Pies and Be the Hero of the Party

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A perfect gift for the bakers and wanna-be bakers in your life, "Pie-Modding" is the first-of-its-kind book on epic pie decorating. Covering tarts, hand pies, toaster pies, lattice pies, cream pies, and flat top pies over  100 full color pages... including an appendix full of printable templates! Techniques range from beginner to intermediate, with most projects clocking in under 20 minutes. 

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Epic "pie-oneer" Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin (aka @thePieousaims to challenge the very definition of “pie” in this first ever cookbook dedicated to the art of "Pie-Modding”, the practice of modifying pre-made desserts to create epic, edible works of art.

Boring old pecan tarts become "Chocolate dipped Pecan Owl Pie Pops", a convenience store frozen cream pie transforms into a "Majestic Butterfly Garden", and even good ol' Pop-Tarts® experience an extreme makeover in these pages! 

Picture it:

  • Your beautiful from-scratch apple pie just took a tumble off the kitchen counter and you have to leave for the party in an hour. 
  • Your girlfriend is on her way over and expecting the impeccably hand-crafted dessert masterpiece you boasted about making... before you realized you don't actually know how to turn on your oven. ​
  • Your "soooo talented professional baker sister" suggested you "just bring some buns" to the family reunion. Again.

      We all have our reasons for wanting to pass off store bought goodies as our own... and now with the help of Pies Are Awesome's Pie-Modding cookbook, we can do so in spectacularly epic (and easy) fashion!

      The full colour step by step photo tutorials in this book will show you how to not only add enchanting visual flair to your desserts, but also exciting new flavour combinations sure to wow your friends (and make your enemies totally jelly!) The first in a series of Pies Are Awesome cookbooks dedicated to "epic-ing up the best dessert on the planet", Pie-Modding is a great entry point for the pie-curious considering dipping a toe into the wonderful world of epic baking.


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