Pies Are Awesome: Reclaiming Pies for Geeks

Hi! I'm Jessica (aka @ThePieous) and I think Pies are Awesome.

This blog is a celebration of pie, especially geeky pie, and a chronicle of my hunt for new techniques to "epic up" the bestest food on the planet!

I post a new pie recipe/tutorial every Wednesday in the "Jessica's Pie-oneering" section, with subject matter ranging from sci-fi, fantasy, horror, games, comics, toys, science... to whatever else I happen to be into that week. I love to hear your suggestions for pies! and if I pick yours, I'll give you a shout out and heaps of imaginary pie cred... 

In the "Ins-pie-ration" section, I gather together examples of other people's awesome pie-y goodness. I shine a spotlight on a new pie/baker every Monday, and if there is a pie out there that you think I should cover (especially if it's yours!), lemme know through any of the social channels below.

Disclaimer: I am NOT a master baker. In my non-pie life I am a filmmaker and designer. I love learning new things and last year I decided it was high time I learned how the oven worked - so I baked my first pie (an "apple breathing dragon"), and was hooked.


I don't always know what I'm doing, and sometimes the results are spectacular (but delicious) failures... but I always learn something new, and have a great time doing it! My hope is that this blog will inspire other people to take their pie-making to weird and wonderful places along with me. So let us bold "Pie-oneers" share, discover, fail, and win together while proclaiming to the world: Pies are Awesome!!!

Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin (aka @thePieous) 

Join me.


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Jessica (aka @ThePieous)


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