Pies Are Awesome: Bringing the Epic Back to Pie Baking

Hi there - I'm Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin and I think Pies are Awesome. My mission is to show the world that not only can pies go head-to-head against the poshest wedding cakes and fancy-pants desserts on the most discerning buffet tables of the world, but that they can be fun and easy to pull off too! Check out some of my recent work here.


I'm extremely open with my pie baking secrets, and I do my best to respond to everyone who contacts me on social media. I provide free video tutorials here and on youtube, and lots more tips and tricks on my Instagram "featured stories" to help you on your "pie-oneering" journey (and I throw in the pie puns for free ;)

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 You can read more about my professional background, pie baking methodology, and personal inspirations here: 

There are many other interviews and tidbits to be found on my press page as well.


If you would like to see more of my epic pies, learn more about Pies Are Awesome, or have questions about anything pie-related, follow me on social media and I would be happy to chat!

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Jessica (aka @ThePieous)


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