Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin, aka @thePieous, has been enchanting pie lovers the world over with her epic pie art creations since 2016. On a mission to “make pies fun again,” Jessica has appeared as a pie judge on the Today show and Food Network, and is the author of the book "Pies Are Awesome: The Definitive Pie Art Book" with foreword by Duff Goldman. Her work has appeared in hundreds of magazines and publications and online, including Forbes, People, and Ripley’s Believe it or Not!, and her tutorial videos have been viewed over one hundred million times. 

Widely recognized as the global authority on Pie Art, Jessica has:

  • Invented the "Piescraper", and was featured as a judge and mentor on the Food Network's first ever show dedicated to Pie Art
  • Been featured on CNN, the TODAY Show, and Entertainment Tonight for her series of celebrity "Pietraits" (pie portraits) 
  • Created dozen of viral pie designs, from her Reddit front-paging Baby Yoda pie, to her Millennium Falcon pie video, which received 30 million views in its first week. 


Press may use any images from this site or Instagram account, and embed links to my TikTok and YouTube videos, provided they credit "Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin" and link back to the associated social accounts. 

Instagram + Twitter + Facebook + TikTok: @thePieous

Please contact jessica [at] for booking enquiries, interview requests, and a link to a folder of high res images suitable for print.


Since early 2017, Jessica's pie videos have been viewed over 100 million times online. 

Excerpt of Shows and Publications that have featured Jessica and her pies: 

Jessica as a judge on the Food Network's first ever show dedicated to Pie Art:

Jessica as an "Expert Pie Taster" on the TODAY show:

The spread from the 2019 edition of Ripley's Believe it or Not! annual featuring her work:


A little background on Jessica's pie journey in this featurette by True Calling Media:


 You can read more about her professional background, pie baking methodology, and personal inspirations here: 


Jessica has been featured in hundreds of publications since 2016, with many writing multiple follow up stories over the years. From Japan to Italy, Indonesia to Russia, Jessica's pies pique the interest of journalists the world over. Here is an excerpt of some of her English language press:


People - "Bojin wrote on her website that her goal is to prove pies can go up against “the poshest wedding cakes and fancy-pants desserts,” and there’s no doubt she’s doing just that."

Oddity Central - "Two years ago, Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin didn’t even know how to bake, but today she is widely regarded as the world’s most talented pie maker."

Today - "Clark-Bojin's pie-making talent has led her to some amazing spaces: producing pie videos for the Food Network which have garnered millions of views, being featured in Ripley’s Believe it or Not! in 2019, and even appearing on TODAY helping judge a pie contest in 2019 along with chef Marcus Samuelsson"

SoBadSoGood (multiple features) - "Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin is the internet's favorite baker. Her creative pop-culture references (previously featured here) are mouthwatering and utterly dazzling."

Food & Wine (multiple features) - "Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin didn't set out to change the world when she began baking towering, vertically-inclined pies. But now, it's only a matter of time before her epic creations take over wedding cake's coveted spot on the buffet table."

BBC News - [Video] "A Woman who makes Pies look like Paintings"

CityTV/Breakfast Television [video] - "This Vancouver pie master's world renowned delicious designs came from a humble beginning. Tom Walsh checks out these incredible works of art"

Food is in the House - "If you don’t think that pie-making is an art form, that’s only because you’ve never heard of Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin. She’s the mastermind behind food blog Pies Are Awesome, and her pop culture-inspired creations really do justice to this name."

George Takei Presents [video] - "Look out world! Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin is pie-oneering a new kid of food art"

ET / Entertainment Tonight [video] - "Celebrity-Inspired Pies for the Holidays with Baker Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin (Exclusive)

Daily Mail [video]- "There are plenty of bakers who can to masterful things with cakes, but a creative Canadian dessert enthusiast does her incredible edible art on pies. Jessica Clark-Bojin from Vancouver is the genius behind Pies are Awesome, and goes by @thepieous on Instagram. There, she shares pictures of her amazing pie masterpieces, which she decorates with fun and fantastic designs."

Good Housekeeping - [Video] "This Baker Makes the Most Incredibly Intricate Pies You've Ever Seen"

Fox News - "A pun-loving baker known on Instagram as@thePieous, is charming her thousands of followers with a series of involved “pietraits” featuring famous celebrities."

BuzzFeed - "An exceptionally talented pie artist named Jessica has been gracing the internet with her celebrity-inspired pies, and it will actually make your mouth both drop and water."

Nerdist (multiple features) - "This behemoth was created by Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin, a.k.a. @thePieous, the woman responsible for making pie cool again with her incredibly detailed pop culture dessert creations."

Parade - "Pie expert Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin, also known as @thePieous on Instagram, isn’t just baking delicious dessert. She’s crafting edible treats of epic proportions."

Cosmopolitan - "A Culinary Genius Has Created Disney Princess Hand Pies, And They're EVERYTHING"

Southern Living - "One Vancouver-based baker is looking to make all of your childhood fairytale dreams come true, and she plans to do it with dessert. Thanks to Clark-Bojin’s unrivaled attention to detail, you could have the magic of Disney in the palm of your hands."

CNN - [video] minute 8:58 "What do you get when you cross a celebrity portrait with dessert? A pietrait!"

Teen Vogue - "In a series of posts, Jessica shared pictures of some seriously impressive food art made in the image of some of Disney's most notable princesses..."

Atlas Obscura - "Then she started an Instagram account to document her pie adventures. The account was a hit, and suddenly, she was a pie star. Today, her almost impossibly detailed creations have become an internet sensation. "

Enchanted Living Magazine - "if pie is indeed home, then pie artist Jessica Clark-Bojin, better known online by her business name ThePieous, would be the baking Gloria Vanderbilt. Just as Vanderbilt brought elegance to home décor, Clark-Bojin brings astonishing feats of artistry and sophistication to the humble pie."

MSN News - "This Baker’s Pie Designs Of Your Favourite Celebrities Will Blow Your Mind (And Tastebuds)… Jessica Clark-Bojin (@thepieous) has some mad skills and is definitely a pie maestro. Her carvings and designs of famous celebrities is seriously on point."

CTV News - [Video and Text]  - "If eating is a delight for the senses, then prepare yourself for a visual feast. A Vancouver woman is taking the baking world by storm with pies that look a lot more like fine art works."

Time Magazine - "Festive Mug-Sipping Baby Yoda Pie is the Out-Of-This-Galaxy Treat You Need This Holiday Season"

Huston Chronicle - "Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin is a master baker whose pies are a delectable combination of art and food."

UpWorthy - "Clark-Bojin's pie art has become a source of joy and inspiration for many."

Hello Giggles - "The treats were baked by Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin … if served one, we think we would have to sit back and admire it for a while. Or take a bite, but then put it in a glass case to keep it for as long as possible. Because they are that pretty!"

The Kitchn (multiple features) - "Pie artist, author, and YouTuber Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin goes by @thePieous on Instagram, where her latest project is turning pies into celebrity portraits, or "pietraits," and they're genuinely unbelievable."

Bake Magazine (multiple features) - "Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin is a pie maker who runs the food blog Pies Are Awesome, which celebrates pies in unique ways… Her latest extraordinary showcase pushes the boundaries of pie design."

Refinery 29 - "With such impressive skills and obvious crowd-pleasing subject matter, there's no doubting these sweets will garner plenty of Likes. Just one request for anyone looking to serve up these regal pies: Can we be your guest?"

FoodBeast - "Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin is elevating the art of pie baking, and taking it to levels you'd normally see with cakes or other desserts.With every new post on her Instagram account, you're sure to be wide-eyed and shocked by the detail and creativity that goes into each pie."

Eater - "There is absolutely nothing bad about pie, except maybe one minor thing: It doesn’t glow in the dark. Until now, that is. A blog called Pies Are Awesome just took pie-making to the next level, unveiling a glowing pie crust that could come in handy for your next potluck rave."

Grub Street - [video] "This Woman Bakes your Favorite Pop-Culture Icons into Pie" 

The Daily Meal (multiple features) "Piescrapers: Pushing the Boundaries of Pie Design"

Food 52 - "The two-tiered creation comes to us from Youtuber Pies Are Awesome, whose account is a terrific treasure trove of intricate doughy designs"

Delish - "Thanks to the blogger behind Pies Are Awesome, we now have a way to light up our apple pies—and impress literally anyone and everyone that comes over for dinner."

Forbes (multiple features) - "Canadian baker Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin, known as @thepieous on Instagram, taps into a unique audience on social media with her artistic creations."

Foodiggity (multiple features) - "The Stranger Things Pie is brought to us by Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin of Pies Are Awesome. Not only does the pie crust consist of a bloody-nosed Eleven, but Jessica even created delicious-looking Eggo Waffles. Hopefully, the waffles were paid for."

Bakers Journal - "Along with her loyal pie-oneers, Clark-Bojin continues to bust the myth that pie-art doesn’t exist. Name a celebrity, cartoon character, holiday theme and she will be able to come up with an original pie, if she hasn’t already done so."

FoodGod - "Jessica masterfully manipulates everything from the type of dough to the color of the filling to create these visually captivating portraits... [pietraits] were made from suggestions by the bake star’s Insta followers."

Hungry Forever - "These Celebrity Portraits Made With Pie Are As Appetizing As They Are Flawless"

CBC - "Two years ago, she couldn't bake — now this Vancouver artist is making a life of pie"

CTV,Montreal Gazette, Toronto Star, Calgary Herald, Vancouver Sun (syndicated) - "Clark-Bojin is shaking up the baking world with her elaborate pie creations, which range from detailed celebrity portraits to towering three-dimensional "pie-scrapers."

Metro UK - "Disney princesses are being turned into pies and they look too good to eat"

Fine Dining Lovers - "Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin is the filmmaker come pie maker that has garnered an impressive following on Instagram (@thepieous) as well as publishing her own guide to “pie-modding." From film inspired to 3D modelled tower pies, there's pretty much not anything she won't tackle these days taking on "pie traits" of actors and film stars.

Bored Panda (multiple features) - "No Boring Pies in My Kitchen"

SYFY [interview] - "Clark-Bojin runs Pies Are Awesome, a far-reaching online brand, video tutorial program, and pie distributor."

Right This Minute - "Who says you can't mix tech and baking? Jessica from Pies Are Awesome's yummy "Tron"-inspired pie creation is guaranteed to light up any party."

The Outspoken Yam - [Book Review] "This is far from your ordinary cookbook. It’s more of a strange amalgamation of baking, crafting, artistry and alchemy that personally left me somewhat in awe of this woman. The best part is that this book actually makes you feel confident that you can accomplish these projects as well, and perhaps even build your skill and confidence to branch out into designs of your own."

Boing Boing (multiple features) - "For nearly a year, Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin (aka @ThePieous) has delighted us with her nerdy, fannish pies and other baked goods, and now she's announced an ebook on "pie-modding" ("modifying pre-made desserts to create epic, edible works of art"): Pie Modding: Pies Are Awesome Vol 1"

Neatorama (multiple features) - "if you want to bring a dessert that's a whole lot less boring ... grab Jessica's first book Pie-Modding and follow the step by step tutorials and “modify pre-made desserts to create epic, edible works of art.”

Mental Floss (multiple features) - "Using pie crust as a sculpting material, Clark-Bojin makes elaborate shapes and designs. Now, the baker is imparting some of that sugary wisdom on her fans in an upcoming cookbook."

If It's Hip It's Here - "Not only does she create impressive looking pie art, but she’s got helpful pie tutorials, sells her own pie guides."

The Chive - "Jessica, like every self-respecting human being on this planet, loves pies. But she goes beyond simply cooking the sweet deserts and adds an artistic flair to each pie, which she then posts on her website."

Laughing Squid (multiple features) - "The talented Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin of Pies Are Awesome is releasing her very first cookbook, titled Pie-Modding, which is the first in a series mini books featuring full color step by step photo tutorials on how to “modify pre-made desserts to create epic, edible works of art.”

Geysers of Awesome (multiple features) - "Thinking about Jabba the Hutt doesn’t usually make us hungry. But then Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin of thePieous made these awesome Jabba the Hutt Turnovers and now we’re craving a bite of Jabba’s cinnamon and apple-filled body."

Technabob (multiple features) - "[Clark-Bojin] has made pie history. Legend of Zelda history too, since this is the first Deku Tree pie I’ve seen. Amazing. And obviously delicious."

The Awesomer (multiple features) - "Designed by pastry queen Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin of Pies Are Awesome, these stencils [Kickstarter "Pie Guides"] make it easy for anyone to create awesomely geeky pies. "

Geek Tyrant - "For all you geeks out there who like to bake, I've got a video here that you've got to watch! It comes from Pies Are Awesome, and it takes you through the step-by-step process of making a glow-in-the-dark, edible Tron pie! " - "Even if creating this pie [Death Star Pie] yourself sounds too detailed for your liking, watching it come to life is sure to make your mouth water."

Austrailian Broadcasting Corportation's Hub on Art [radio interview] - "Drawing on her training as a sculptor and filmmaker, she creates pies that are uniquely artistic. She's passionate about bringing back the ancient art of pie making"

Narcity - "Get ready to feel totally inadequate in the kitchen. A Canadian woman is showing up every person who has ever tried to bake a pie, and she's sharing her insane creations on Instagram."

Swirled - "You’ve probably seen some pretty pies with all kinds of elaborate lattice trends, but the work of pie artist Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin is some of the most incredible pastry work we’ve ever come across."

Geeks Are Sexy (multiple features) - "Holy. Crap. Can you imagine how long it must have taken to prepare this “piescraper?”

A Journal of Musical Things - "A couple of years ago, Vancouver’s Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin decided she needed to learn how to bake. Now she’s considered to be the world’s most talented maker of pies."


Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin, known as @thePieous on Instagram, creates "epic pie content" for film, TV, digital and print. From live appearance demos, hosting, and judging to timelapse videos, blog posts, and photo features, her work captures viewers attention and delights audiences across multiple demographics. She is widely recognized as the global authority on "Pie Art" and is responsible for the trending "Piesraper" movement. Contact for booking inquiries.



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