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If you are ready to pick up the rolling pin of glory and launch into the doughy fray with your battle cry of π > ∞ !!! then sign up on the form above. Four times a year you will receive a new "Pies are Awesome Newsletter" featuring a different printable pie colouring sheet! Each colouring sheet is inspired by a different famous artist - from Peter Max to Alphonse Mucha.

Pies are Awesome colouring sheets 


Pie-oneers are Bold. 

Pie-oneers laugh in the face of "that's not how it's done", and forge their own path, even if it blows up in their face/kitchen.  Pie-oneers bake with blow torches, BBQs, tea lights, car engine blocks, and even ovens sometimes.* Pie-oneers use Fruity Pebbles as garnish. Of course they do. Pie-oneers bring C'thulhu pies to the county fair. (Aunty Mae's vapours be damned!)

Pie-oneers Spread the Word. 

Pie-oneers celebrate Pi Day loud and proud. Pie-oneers bring sigil tarts to Game of Thrones night.  Pie-oneers defend the worlds greatest dessert in "pie vs cake" forum debates. Pie-oneers encourage one another - sharing their knowledge and discoveries freely with others, while praising and sharing others people's pieous achievements. 

Pie-oneers Believe.

Believe what? That Pies are Awesome of course! 



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