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Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin with one of her Piescrapers 

Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin, known as @thePieous on Instagram, creates "epic pie content" for film, TV, digital, and print. From engaging live appearance demos, hosting, and judging, to inspiring timelapse videos, blog posts, and photo features, her work captures viewers attention and delights audiences across multiple demographics. She is widely recognized as the global authority on "Pie Art" and is responsible for the trending "Piescraper" movement.


She has literally written the book on Pie Art: Pies Are Awesome: The Definitive Pie Art Book, with foreword by the Food Network's Duff Goldman.


People & Pies - How Pie Art can connect you and your audience in new ways

Across the globe, across cultures, across demographics and political affiliations, people have a relationship with pies. Whether we are talking about the sweet pies of North America, the savoury pies of Europe, South America's empenadas, or the exotic filled pastries of Africa and Asia, every family has a favorite. Every family has a special recipe or technique handed down the generations, and every family has special memories associated with their version of this timeless classic food. For so many people around the world, pies mean "home".

But! Unlike the epic pies that once graced the tables of the Kings and Queens in Renaissance and Medieval times, pies have gotten a bit of a stuffy rap the past few hundred years... They've taken a back seat to their flashier dessert counterparts on the buffet tables of our weddings, holidays and special events. Despite our strong bond with pies and the warm memories they invoke, they just can't hold a candle to the modern cake pops, unicorn cakes, rice cereal treats, and other trendy desserts... Or can they? 

Enter Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin (aka @ThePieous) and her ground breaking feats of pastry art! Jessica has found a way to combine our love of the delicious, down home goodness of pies, with our desire for visual sophistication, pop culture subject matter, and eye-poping showpiece impact. Images and videos of her pies have "gone viral" dozens of times over the past three years, with some hitting the front page of Reddit, scoring tens of millions of views in their first week, and gracing the pages and airwaves of CNN, BBC News, Forbes, People, Ripley's Believe it or Not, and hundreds of other publications. From Jessica:

“To me, Pie Art isn’t a “new fad” - it’s the uncovering of a lost art form, a way of expressing our love of food and pop culture, a way of discovering new cultures, new flavours, new techniques, of stretching ourselves creatively and intellectually, a new way of providing special dessert treats for the health-conscious, a way of meeting new weird and wonderful people, a way of bonding with the next generation and passing on our love of baking, and most of all a new way of having fun!”

For audiences who have seen everything online and are hungry for something new - but familiar and comforting at the same time - Jessica provides an exciting way of engaging with your customers and clients, especially around “pie-centric holidays” like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Pi Day (Mar 14th) and The 4th of July.  Jessica is an experienced writer, speaker and host, - quirky, witty, and with a penchant for fashionable dresses! She is looking to work with quality brands who share her values of respect, kindness, inspiration, and authenticity.


    Brands partner with Jessica to:

    • celebrate entertainment and lifestyle product milestones + launches
    • showcase kitchen/baking/housewares products
    • showcase ingredients, a special diet, or cooking techniques 
    • showcase the potential of supplies or tools in new way
    • develop new baking products, information products, or merchandise 
    • wish audiences Happy Holidays
    • tell a story in a new eye-catching way, and take their audience on nostalgic and comforting OR inspiring and exciting journey!


    Jessica's Reach 

    Jessica emerged on the foodie scene in 2016. Since then she has:

    • Appeared as a featured judge on the Food Network's first ever show dedicated to Pie Art
    • Appeared on the TODAY show as a pie competition judge 
    • Been featured in Ripley’s Believe it or Not! 2019 edition
    • Appeared on ABC's TV series "The CHEW"
    • Launched a successful Kickstarter campaign for a line of pie baking tools called "Pie Guides" which fully funded in its first hour and ended at over 1600% funded
    • Appeared on the front page of Reddit a dozen times, capturing the attention of geeky Millennials with her pop culture-inspired pies, currently holds the title for the most liked pie photo on the entire site, and has the most upvoted post *of all time* on the r/Food subreddit - a community with over 17 million active members.
    • Created dozens of viral videos for clients with many achieving 5 million views in their first week, and one breaking 30 million views in a week. Together her pie videos have been viewed over 120 million times since early 2017
    • Partnered with high profile clients across many different industry verticals to create pie-related content. Clients include: The Food Network, The Cooking Channel, WWE, Star Wars UK, The Turner Network, Electronic Arts, Marvel Studios, Wilton, Wholesale Party Supply, and many more
    • Secured hundreds of articles, interviews, and features in both niche and mainstream media around the world in dozens of languages. Check out her press page for excerpts that include Forbes, People, Teen Vogue, Cosmo, BuzzFeed, CNN, etc. The work that Jessica does provide unique story hooks and eye candy imagery - a winning combination for publications looking to grab jaded readers' attention
    • Achieved "Verified" status on Instagram, with 80k followers and an exceptionally high engagement rate, both in post comments and in user generated content challenges
    • Captured a following in the coveted Millennial bracket, with the majority of her followers falling between the ages of 25 to 34 (80% women.)


    Jessica in Action

    In addition to an acting and teaching background, Jessica has a decade of professional experience as a speaker in entertainment and business venues from classrooms to conferences to live television. Here are a few video clips of Jessica in action:


    Menu of Services

    There are many different ways that brands can work with Jessica to bring the down home comfort and modern magic of pies to their customers: 



    Jessica is available for the following types of appearance bookings:

    • competition judging
    • hosting
    • live classes
    • event keynote / panel moderating
    • television commercials / spokesperson
    • film/TV acting “special skills baking” roles
    • pop up shops / PR stunts /special events
    • VIP events such as private workshop retreats for contest winners


    Instagram Channel Sponsorship

    Brands can sponsor content on Jessica's own social media channels to connect directly with her engaged audience of young, hip baking enthusiasts:

    • sponsor individual posts, in which Jessica chooses her own subject matter, but showcases the partner's product in the making of
    • sponsor a series of posts and Instagram Stories, featuring product integration
    • "channel buy out" for a set term, in which all content uses and features partner product, with guaranteed x number of posts and stories per month, for a period of x number of  months - the best way to get a consistent presence in front of Jessica's audience!

    Note: Jessica will only accept channel sponsor products that she feels strongly represent the highest standards in ingredient, baking supply, and houseware quality.



    Co-Branded Products

    In the development of her art, Jessica has invented a number of unique tools, techniques, and styles which lend themselves to the production of consumer products:

    • Pie baking tools - custom cutters, punches, embossers, Piescraper kits, etc. designed and tested by Jessica
    • Cookbooks - full books to technique pamphlets, showcasing the brands' tool, technique, diet, or ingredient
    • Courses - from short product demos to full multi-hour certificate programs
    • Promotional content - "12 Months of Pies" wall calendar featuring brand partner ingredient, etc.
    • Merchandise - branded aprons, sketch books, etc.


    Content Creation

    Much of Jessica's work with Brands to date fall into this category:

    • Articles - recipes, technique tutorials, narrative, historical
    • Still images - high resolution, professionally styled photos of finished custom pie product, and “making of” process photos. Anything from simple logo on a pie, to portraits, to multi-tier Piescrapers, incorporating partner’s IP subject matter and/or products. Suitable for uses ranging from social media posts to magazine covers.
    • Image series - like above, but broader in scope and impact. The image series feature partner content and may revolve around a popular themes such as "the four seasons", the Western and Lunar zodiac, holidays, homages to fine art styles, the alphabet, types of pies, etc.
    • Timelapse videos - single cam overhead, “viral video style.” Typically 60 seconds to 3 minutes in length.
    • Multi cam video shoots - from 15 second commercial spots, to full online course series, these feature Jessica creating, teaching, and discussing pie in a humorous, approachable and engaging way - while also featuring the partner product and/or IP.
    • Narrative branded content. Jessica is experienced film and television producer with the capability to produce in-house narrative content around specific subject matter. She can also work with your own teams on longer form content.  



    Contests, Collabs, Giveaways, Social Channel Takeovers

    Some of the most successful partnerships, from an audience engagement standpoint, have come in the form of giveaways and competitions:

    • content creation contests, juried or random draw
    • giveaways
    • Instagram Story takeovers


    Let's Talk!

    If you are interested in discussing how partnering with Jessica can help you connect with your audience, please send high level information about your brand and goals to Jessica[at] 

    Free stuff, Contests + Pie-oneering Tips + Tricks!