Products I Use - and Love!

Howdy! To those of you visiting after seeing my Mother's Day pies video, two of the products I get asked about the most are these - flower plunger cutters, and flexible cutting mats that I use to freeze my top crust designs. You can purchase them directly here:



While I frequently experiment with new materials, ingredients, tools, and techniques in my pie-oneering, there are a few staples that just work so well, I find myself coming back to them again and again... Here is a list of some of my favourite tried and tested products, why I love them, where I've used them, and purchase links so you can try them out yourself! 

Products I Use to Colour Pie Dough


  • Brown Wilton Gel Color, 3 pack - brown is my every day go-to for highlighting designs in the dough,
  • Wilton gel colors - multi pack. I use all the colours all the time
  • Food safe Brushes
  • Vanilla and Almond extract
  • Mixing tray
  • Food grade Activated charcoal - colouring the dough mixture itself
  • Matcha powder - as with the charcoal, a little goes a very long way!


You can check out some examples of each of these products in action here: 


Products I Use to Add Edible Bling to Pies


Embossers + Molds

The Staples



I have learned a lot through random experimentation (aka, making a big mess and failing plenty!) but I've learned just as much from the wonderful community of artists and bakers I've met online these past few years. I wanted to share a few of the books that have been ins-pie-rational to me:

  • Art of the Pie: Kate McDermott's masterwork on pie crust has been a fixture on my bookshelf since I started. My mum is gluten intolerant just like Kate, so Kate's thoroughly tested GF pie crust recipes have been a god send. Plus it's great to connect with another soul who truly loves pies and lives it every day! 


Everything else



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