"Modular Pie-Cosahedron" aka 20-sided Pecan Pie!

Posted on August 15 2016

20-sided pecan pie by Turkey Tek

Happy Monday! Are you ready for some math with your pie? I know I am! Continuing with August's theme of "Pies that are not shaped like pies" today's ins-pie-ration is one of my personal faves - the 20-sided pecan dice. I mean pie. Woo! Not only is this a delightful nod to nerd culture, it is an epic feat of delicious engineering. Created by Instructables user "Turkey Tek", the detailed tutorial and ample pictures can be found here: 

20 sided pie pan

He and his pie cohorts hand-made 20 custom pie pans and developed an ingenious method of attaching the whole thing together using magnets.

Pie net

This is such an inspiring pie for me as it combines not only custom pan creation and careful calculations, but 3-dimensional pie sculpture, two things I am very into right now! I highly recommend checking out the full tutorial - the design and thought process alone are worth the read. 

I wonder how the final product tasted?

If you liked this Ins-pie-ration post, lemme know in the comments below, and if there is another epic baker or pie out there you think I should spotlight (especially if it is yours) lay it on me! Until next Monday... 

π > ∞

Jessica (aka @ThePieous)


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