Pies that are not shaped like pie

Posted on August 02 2016

Today's Ins-pie-ration comes from Epicurious - a lovely blogs with all sorts of neat recipes, tips and tricks.

Square Pie!

Square pie!

Okay, you may be thinking "What's the big deal - it's just a lattice pie" BUT! what I found so inspiring about this was it marked the first time I had ever considered making pies in non-pie pans. O.o

*Now* you are probably thinking "Duh-doi Jessica. Everyone knows you can bake a pie in any oven-safe container" (man you're judgemental!) but you see, my kitchen experience is so limited I do not even own oven safe containers outside of the few pie-pans I have been collecting and one cookie sheet. (Double O.o ) As soon as my buddy pointed out this square pie to me, my mind was suddenly open to a billion possibilities... Including creating my own shape of pan using tinfoil and props. 

So! Starting this Wednesday I will begin the "August of Pies that are Not Shaped like Pies" Stay tuned for some weird, wild stuff... 

And mucho thanks to Johnathon Vaughn Strebly for sending me this recipe and triggering the impending flurry of pie-shape non-conformity (he used to be a punk, so that's fitting.)

Rock on.


If you liked this Ins-pie-ration post, lemme know in the comments below, and if there is another epic baker or pie out there you think I should spotlight (especially if it is yours) lay it on me! Until next Monday... 

π > ∞

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