Raised Pies

Posted on September 19 2016

Raised Pies

I've always been fascinated by "high pies". Seemingly the exclusive domain of cakes, there have been some bold pioneers throughout history who have tried their hand at elevating (literally and figuratively) the delicate pastry crust we all know and love. has a lovely section dedicated to historical pie art, and the use of "raised pie tins", which are still available to purchase today believe it or not!

Raised pie tin

"As a result of the invention of the sprung metal pie form. these 'French' raised pies became very popular in the nineteenth century These useful moulds were sold by braziers and kitchen equipment retailers, who marketed a great variety of designs. Because of the support the metal form afforded the pie during baking, it was possible to use a finer pastry than the old fashioned hot water crust which had been used since medieval times."


Inside a raised pie

While usually reserved for serious meat pie "whole meal in a crust" type of deals, I bet you could use this technology to create some pretty wicked dessert pies too. Would be great for weddings or any occasion where you want a bit higher profile for the main attraction!

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Do you know of another epic pie, baker, or shop I should feature here next Monday? Lay it on me! Until next time... 

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