Chocolate Silk Wedding Piescraper

Posted on January 23 2019

Happy National Pie Day everyone!! 


Those who have been following along my pie journey these past three years know that one of my big goals has been to prove once and for all that pies are a viable alternative to cake for that coveted front-and-center wedding buffet table spotlight. Folks have been reticent to “go cakeless” even when they love the taste of pie, because they were worried pies were just too flat and unflashy - that pies couldn’t make a proper visual statement in the reception hall. Well! I hope I may convert a few new believers this Pie Day with my first three-tier Wedding Piescraper! It has chocolate silk filling, a pie pastry crust and pie pastry decorative panels, all held together with chocolate around a custom designed stainless steel spool armature (food safe of course!) 

I’m happy to answer any questions about its construction. The second tier also has a steel pillar, and there are dough panels on the back of the pie as well - I just didn't have time to show everything in this video. It’s very sturdy and even stood up to my six year old taking bites out of it with his hands behind his back! ;p

Now I’m off to check out everyone else’s fabulous pie celebrations (and to spread the word that #PieIsTheNewCake 😜







Jessica (aka. @thePieous)


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