Disney Princess Pie Fan Art

Posted on September 27 2018

Presenting my "Disney Princess Fan Art Pies" series! 

I created these to honour and celebrate some of the most beloved of Disney's classic heroines, as well as to showcase some new techniques in the pie baking world that I hope you'll find inspiring... The Disney Princesses have a special place in the hearts of fans the world over, and have been immortalized in just about every form of fan art there is. For years I've been getting requests to bake your favourites. Well this month I decided it was time! Folks cast their votes on my Instagram account ( for their top 6 favourite princesses, and I promised to "pie them up." I hope I did them justice, and that they put a smile on your face :) I sure had a blast coming up with the designs for these and experimenting with new edible pigments, texture plates and impression molds.

If you have any questions about any of the techniques used in this video, the best place to get ahold of me is Instagram (@thePieous) - I do check all my accounts, but that is the one I am on daily and try my best to answer every one who writes :)

Have a wonderful day, and Happy Pie-oneering!






Jessica (aka. @thePieous)


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