Oogie Boogie Boo-Berry Pie

Posted on October 12 2016

Oogie Boogie Pie

My sister-in-law Katheryn requested something "Nightmare Before Crust-mas", and with a pun that good I just couldn't say no... So for my second Spooktober pie I present this "Oogie Boogie Booberry Pie"!

Here's how I did it.

Time to create:

  • half hour to make the top design
  • 5 minutes to make the pie bottom
  • 45 minutes to bake


  • Pre-made filling
  • Pre-made pie shell
  • Pre-made roll out crust
  • Flour
  • Egg white
  • Vanilla
  • Rolling pin
  • Food-safe paintbrush
  • Pastry brush
  • Sharp knife
  • Cutting board
  • Parchment paper
  • Scissors 
  • Reference image

Step 1 - Measure your pie and find reference image


When life gets hectic and you find yourself short on time, nothing beats a pre-fab crust and a big ol' can of fruity goo! (don't judge me - I see you there, judgey-pants ;)

Figure out how large you want your central figure to be and you are ready to begin... 

Step 2 - Trace and cut out reference image outline on parchment paper

TraceTraceCut out

Set up your reference image at the size you would like, trace with a dull pencil onto parchment paper, then cut out.

Step 3 - Glue down parchment guide with egg white and cut out

Unroll doughCut out

Unroll your pre-fab dough on a floured cutting board (or if you have the time, make some from scratch like a proper baker), paste down the parchment paper outline with some egg white, then trim out with a sharp knife.

Step 4 - Cut out slightly larger top layer

top layer

Set the first figure aside, then cut out a second figure slightly larger than the outline of your parchment guide.

Step 5 - Flatten top layer

Flatten top layer

Using a rolling pin, flatten out this layer until is as thin as it can be while still holding together.

Step 6 - Score top layer


Carefully drag a knife across this thin layer of dough to create a burlap-like texture, being careful not to cut all the way through the dough.

Step 7 - Apply "burlap" layer

Glue down top layerPosition foldsTrim top layer

Place the thin "burlap" layer on top of your bottom cut out and smoosh it around (that's a technical baking term) until you are happy with the effect. When it's looking decently sack-like, trim the excess off.

Step 8 - Cut eyes, mouth and stitches

Cut out eye holesCut out stitches

Use your knife to cut out the eye and mouth holes, then place your figure on to the pie. Now use your sharp knife to cut the stitches and seams. Don't cut the seams before it has been transferred over or it may fall apart on you!

Step 10 - Add finishing details

Add DetailsAdd bugs

Free hand cut out a couple of little bugs and dice just to finish things off nicely...

Step 10 - Give it a vanilla wash to highlight texture

Vanilla Wash  

...and finally give it a wash with vanilla and a fondant brush. This helps to make the burlap texture and seams stand out as the vanilla pools in these areas and drys a bit darker when baked.

Step 11 - Bake and serve!

Oogie Boogie PIe 

Stick your finished pie in the oven for 45 minutes at 400 degrees (or until the crust is golden brown and your filing bubbling) then pop in that Nightmare Before Christmas DVD and serve it up to your adoring fans!


I've got two more Spooktober pies coming this month... do you have a suggestion for Halloweeny pie-subject matter? Just leave a comment below, or on any of my Instagram pics @thePieous!



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Thanks for reading, and see you next Wednesday :) 

π > ∞

Jessica (aka @ThePieous)




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