Jessica's Pie Hacks: How to Cut Pie Dough

Posted on November 16 2017

Welcome to my new series dedicated to revealing all of my "extreme pie decorating" secrets! The first Pie Hack, "How to Cut Pie Dough" consists of 4 tips to achieve super fine detail in your pie crust designs. Hope you enjoy!

 After a year of posting time lapse videos of pop culture pie creations, folks have been increasingly asking me for details on exactly what what tools I'm using, what techniques I'm using, how I trouble shoot, etc. So! I have decided to start posting some of my secret "pie hacks" here: "Jessica's Pie Hacks" will feature longer form videos in which I take the pie-curious through my specific techniques in more detail.

Please let me know if you like this format and if you want to see more Pie Hacks by subscribing to my YouTube channel and leaving a comment below! And if you have any questions about things you have seen in any of my other videos, I'm happy to answer those here too.

Thanks for watching, and Happy Pie-oneering!






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