Harry Potter Fan Art Series

Posted on April 24 2018

I've been experimenting with new techniques that use the filling itself as a design element, and I'm really happy with how my Harry Potter fan art series turned out! I tried to match the flavour to the personality and colour/texture of character's hair - blueberry for Harry, cherry for Hermione, and peach for Ron.

Here is a little behind the scenes look so you can see how you can recreate this effect at home!



It’s the final day to enter my April giveaway by tagging two friends below - the drawing is tomorrow for two copies of my epic pie decorating book and a full set of pie guides! (May giveaway announcement soon 😊) The number one Harry Potter pie suggestion I got from you guys was a “quad flavour crest pie” - well you asked for it and you got it! Check out the full behind the scenes video clips for this pie in my featured stories. If you’d like to try a multi-flavour divided pie, it’s easy! Just make sure you choose fillings with the same bake time, or fill parts of your crust with pieweights on parchment. Mine is Peach 🍑 for Hufflepuff, Cherry 🍒 for Gryffindor (my house!), Matcha apple 🍏 for Slytherin, and Blueberry 💙 for Ravenclaw. Which side would you take a slice of first? . #🥧>∞ #pieart #piesareawesome #piestagram . #crustart #pastryart #ilovepie #pierevival #dividedpie #pielove #pieoneer #pastrylove #foodartist #thepieous #pie #piecrust #baking #instabake #piday #harrypotter #harrypotterworld #peachpie #applepie #cherrypie #blueberrypie #hogwartscrest #hogwarts

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Products I used in this tutorial

I have a number of tried-and-true products that always get good results for me when baking my pies. Here are a couple I used to make this one:







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