Pi Day Zoetrope

Posted on March 13 2017

[VIDEO] Happy Pi Day! (03/14)


Today’s tutorial features the first example of what I’m calling “Pie-Modding”: the art of modifying store-bought desserts to create edible epicness! My Zoetrope is completely functional AND nomable, with all components made from real pie dough and food colouring, BUT! the base is just a plain ol’ store bought pecan pie. Anyone with an exacto knife can pull this one off.

You may have noticed one of my “Pie Guides” make an appearance… they will be shipping to my Kickstarter backers at the end of April and I’m very excited to see what everyone creates with them!

And speaking of “very excited”, another thing I’m very excited for is the release of my very first cookbook on the subject of - coincidentally - Pie-Modding! You can pre-order it now on Amazon and get a sneak peek at

Hope everyone has a fantastic Pi Day!

π > ∞

Jessica (aka @ThePieous)


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